I grew up in the Newtownabbey area. I have always been able to see dead family members in my house, since a very young age I would describe them to my parents in their clothes and how they looked, and they would turn out to be old grandparents that I hardly knew because they passed when I was 2/3. There was a time in my life were I was a devoted Christian, and one day when I walked into church, an older member of the congregation (known for seeing angels and demons) called me off to one side to tell me they could see 4 of the devils demons tormenting me. This freaked me out and I left shortly after. This is when events started to happen.

The first weird encounter :- A couple nights went past and as I was lying in bed around 2 or 3 in the morning I can’t remember the correct time, I began to hear weird whispering voices. I did what most people would do and grabbed my blankets up over my head. This noise continued then stopped rather abruptly, so I lifted my blanket only to see black floating masses swirling around my ceiling! I quickly grabbed the blankets back up and cried myself to sleep.

The second part of “afterlife” will be posted on the site  tomorrow night


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