Antrim Road Ghost

This is a story from the Antrim Road area, North Belfast. I was a little girl my best friend and I use to follow our brother’s and their friends around a lot. They use to go in to this old bricked up house at the end of the street which u could only get in to by climbing the high wall at the back of the house of the entry. There was no other way in or out the house was completely blocked up with bricks. One day Mary and I climbed in thinking that our brothers would be there and when we got into the house they weren’t there. To this day I remember it clearly, the house was pitch dark and filthy with old tatty things lying everywhere, it was filled with rubbish and you had to light candles to see clearly. The boys use to sit at the top of the house, so we looked for them there. Once we got up the stairs we started to feel a bit scared and started to push each other to go back down but as we were starting to make our way down we herd a noise and turned to see what it was. It was an old lady dressed in a night gown with a waking stick making her way down towards us, she started to shout asking us why we were there and to get out. Mary and I couldn’t have ran fast enough. Frightened to death we jumped over the wall using the built up rubbish to help. We never really told anybody from what I can remember I think we were afraid we might get into trouble. Looking back now I questioned how an old women in her night gown could have got in there and why she was there? I never went back near the house again in fact it is still there this day and is still abandoned.

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