Belfast Call Centre

After becoming disabled and well chair dependent I got a job in a well know Belfast call centre that employes a large amount of staff ( I don’t want to mention the company’s name as i might lose my job). Working late one evening I needed to use toilet. As i went down between some of the now empty bays to access toilets I was surprised to see large security officer leaning over a desk. I could not avoid him and believing my wheelchair must have hit him I stopped, turned round to apologise and check he was o.k. but to my disbelief there was no one there.

After using lavatory I made my way to security desk to check this out. The officer on duty said he was working alone, he then checked the security cameras and seen me stopping and turning around but nothing else. The next day I was asked by the call centre manager not to mention this to anyone as a few years before a security guard in a state of depression had committed suicide in the building and had often been seen in the centre. The sightings had became so frequent amongst the call centre staff that a priest had been called in to perform an exorcism.

I would love to hear if anyone else had any ghostly experiences in their work place.


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