We got the following story on Saturday morning, we thought this would make some good weeknight reading.

“I work in a well known hotel near the Belfast Cathedral Quarter. I don’t believe in ghosts at all but i seen something over the weekend that has changed my mind and has given me nightmares every night since.

I was finishing my shift and it was in the early hours of Saturday morning, i left the hotel and walked towards St Anne’s square car park. As i walked down the cobbled stones of Hill Street past the Harp Bar i noticed a bearded man dressed in all black in the distance who was leaning against the wall having a cigarette at the junction of Gordon Street. Something didn’t seem right about him but i couldn’t think what it was. As i walked past him he looked over and i noticed he was wearing some sort of fancy dress costume. I would compare what he was wearing to like something you would see on Game Of Thrones. For some reason i couldn’t take my eyes off him,  his eyes were transfixing me. As i starred at him he threw his cigarette on the ground and walked off down Gordon Street. I watched in shock as he seemed to just disappear into the wall besides the Oh Yeah Music Centre. I cannot explain it in another way, he just seemed to merge into the wall and vanish. ”

The story doesn’t end there, we had another message from a reader on Saturday morning “did anyone see a man dressed in old style clothes, smoking near the Harp Beer in Belfast in the early hours of Saturday morning? He had really weird eyes and a scraggily beard. He looked really out of place and gave me a really eerie look as my friend and i walked past. I haven’t been able to get his face out of my mind all weekend”

Both readers who submitted the stories don’t know each other and the time between each sighting was around 20 minutes. Very spooky stuff.

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