I have an account to share: My family and I lived in a small-pre WWII house in east Belfast. I was a young child when we lived there ( between the age of 5 and 6 ) but I do vividly remember feeling an uneasy atmosphere in that dank dark little house , like someone was watching you.
One afternoon I was playing with my toy cars on the sofa , as you do, and I noticed my my mum walking past me into the kitchen, as I looked around at her I seen a strange apparition, and I swear this to be true, two ghostly semi transparent figures were looking back at me . A young man and a lady, the women appeared to be crying and looked up at the man beside her . I remember he had a stern expression on his face as if he was angry. In fact he was looking directly at me. The figures remained for a matter of seconds then faded away to nothing.
Strangely this event did not freak my 6 year old mind out at the time, I remember feeling sorry for them for some reason and I will always remember what I saw that day, I later told my mother who did not believe me in the slightest. This account gets stranger…. one night years later. I was sitting with my friends telling ghost stories. A friend of a close friend was telling our group about his own encounter with the supernatural, he explained how objects such as ornaments would get mysteriously moved around at night , a wall mounted deer’s head was over turned on a regular basis etc. I asked him where the house in his account was, “It’s in the next street” he said. Knowing that the house from my childhood was in the next street  I enquired what house number he lived at, amazingly he once lived in the very same house I did all those years ago, it was a spine chilling moment. and indeed I recounted the above tale regarding my very own sighting ( again I swear it to be true ) . The house has since been demolished and the street has now been re-erected .Needless to say I believe in ghosts.
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