Carnalea Golf Club

I have been a member of Carnalea Golf Club for over 20 years, i’ve played thousands of rounds of golf here and even worked in the clubhouse for a short time. It is a friendly club but i have lost count the amount of members who have told me that they have seen something strange they cannot explain. My first ghostly experience occurred when i was playing a round of golf alone one morning at around 6.30am, there was no one else on the course and out of the corner of my eye I saw a small child no older than 5 or 6 walking towards me from the train tracks on the 1st hole. As the child got closer i noticed it was a little girl and she was wearing strange clothes. I looked around to check to see if anyone was with her, (parents etc) I then looked back to where she had been but she had completely vanished. I cannot explain where this child went as there was no place around she could go. Another time when i worked at Carnalea i was tidying up in the snooker room at the end of an evening and it suddenly got really cold, we often had members complain how cold the room suddenly gets. Out of the corner of my eye i noticed an elderly gentleman sitting in one of the corners I thought this was strange as no one had been playing snooker the entire evening. I asked him If he could finish his drink. He didn’t say anything so i looked over again and he was gone, there were only maybe 10 seconds between me seeing him and him disappearing. This really freaked me out and I never went into that room again.

Carnalea Golf Club is a course based just outside Bangor 

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