Crawfordsburn Ghost

After the huge interest we had in the Crawfordsburn ghost sighting ( ) we asked our readers to share any stories about Crawfordsburn Country Park with us. This one stood out.

My sister, Joanne recently bought an apartment beside Crawfordsburn Country Park, she had came into some money after her husband passed away and always wanted to live by the sea so it seemed a perfect fit. Joanne was very excited by new new place and i was only too happy to help her move as we always had fond childhood memories of Crawfordsburn.

Moving day came and I was amazed as i walked into the communal hallway at the size of the ceilings, they were huge. Joanne’s neighbours came out and greeted us, two elderly couples who i think were happy their new neighbour wasn’t a rowdy twentysomething! As i looked around Joanne’s new apartment i was struck by the stunning views of the sea and i suddenly remembered the hospital that used to sit on the site of the apartments. I told Joanne about the hospital and she mentioned that a friend of her’s mentioned that the old hospital was supposedly haunted but she didn’t believe in any of that sort of thing so she laughed it off. I, on the other hand have always been fascinated by the supernatural so the thought of the building being haunted excited me.

Joanne quickly settled into to her new place and one night about 10pm i received a phone call from her asking me to come round quickly. I jumped in the car and was with her in about 15 minutes. As i walked in Joanne’s face was white as a sheet, she started rambling about how she had seen someone in her living room. I calmed her down and she explained how she had watched in complete disbelief as this tall shadow walked from one side of her living room to the other. I asked, “was it a reflection?” She swore that it was the shape of a human but black as the night. I stayed with her that night and nothing strange happened.

The next morning i had to leave early to get home to get ready for work, it was about 6.30 and sunlight was just starting to come through the trees. As i was walking to my car i noticed something out of the corner of my eye, it was a shadow figure standing about 20 feet away from me on the grass in front of the apartments. I was frozen with fear as this thing didn’t move an inch. After standing in the same spot for about 10 seconds i watched in disbelief as this thing turned and sprinted towards the woods beside the apartments. I can best describe this thing as the shape of a fully grown man but completely black with no features, when is ran into the woods it moved as quick as i have seen any human move.

Has anyone else experience in seeing these shadow figure things?

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