Last week I was walking my dog in Crawfordsburn Country Park, it was starting to get dark but it was a nice day so i decided to walk up to the waterfall. There wasn’t anyone else around so i let Missy (my 3 year old border collie) of the lead. Missy ran ahead and i walked quickly to catch up. I noticed she had stopped and had started growling so i started walking even quicker. As i got level with her i noticed what can only be explained as a gnome standing about 10 feet away from Missy. It was about 3 feet tall and at first i thought it was a child in fancy dress but then i noticed its teeth were pointed and a horrible brown colour and It had a bulbous nose and large, deep-set eyes.

I got Missy on the lead and watched in amazement as the gnome began to laugh, this wasn’t a regular laugh but a deep cackle. I was terrified and frozen to the spot and watched as the gnome walked into some bushes by the waterfall and disappeared. I quickly ran off back to the car. Can anyone shed any light on this incident, i know what i saw, i’m still having nightmares about this and can still hear the laugh.


UPDATE from NIGS – Over the last few weeks we have had two private messages from other people who regularly use Crawfordsburn country park who have witnessed very strange things. One of the stories had a run in with the Gnome that we mentioned above. Like any of our submitters we don’t put anything live until we chat to them to explore the facts. We hope to put the follow-up Crawfordsburn Gnome story live this week so stay posted.


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