Dark Hedges

This spooky spectre is enough to turn non-believers of the creepy supernatural into ghost hunters.

The spine-tingling snap was taken by Ballycastle man Gordon Watson at the atmospheric Dark Hedges near Armoy.

He could hardly believe his eyes when he processed the photograph on his computer he found the dress like figure floating in the air.

And as legend has it this could be the first photograph that has captured the eerie Grey Lady that folklore says haunts the spooky stretch of road.

According to locals the Grey Lady haunts the thin ribbon of road that winds beneath the ancient beech trees.

She silently glides along the roadside and vanishes as she passes the last beech tree. Some say the spectre is the ghost of a maid from the nearby house who died in mysterious circumstances centuries ago.

Others believe that she is a lost spirit from an abandoned graveyard that is thought to lie hidden in the fields nearby.

On Halloween night, the forgotten graves are said to open and the Grey Lady is joined on her walk by the tormented souls of those who were buried beside her.

The Dark Hedges have grown over the past 300 years on either side of the lane with the Beech trees having reached up and across to each other, becoming heavily intertwined to create a natural arched tunnel where shadow and light plays through entwined branches.


By Victoria McMahon The Mirror



Dark Hedges are commonly used in HBO’s Game Of Thrones TV show.

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