Death Apparition

The first incident happened 6 years ago when I 12 in my home in Carrickfergus. I remember coming home on Christmas day from my grandparents and myself and my brother were staying up messing around and playing with our new gadgets and toys.. we ended up staying up rather late, as we’re both my parents. We were all in the living room at around 2.00am and had started locking up the house, one of the doors leading from the kitchen to the conservatory we had locked with a key. My brother had headed upstairs with our dog and said goodnight and I stated up talking to my mum and dad.

Whilst we were talking, I heard a noise from the kitchen and alerted mum and dad. They both dismissed me as this had happened before. And then I heard a repeat which was twice as loud, this time both my parents could hear it.

My father then stood up from his chair and opened the door to the kitchen. As he did this, I myself saw the handle from the kitchen and conservatory being held down, but nothing was there.. my dad shouted ‘Who’s there?’, when this was said the door flew back knocking the key out of the door.

My father shouted to my mum to get my brother and stay in the living room. We all sat together for around 20 minutes, trying to stay calm. The next morning we all woke up, I myself still in shock with what had happened.

We then found out that in the early hours of the morning, my father’s aunt had passed away- could this have been a last message?

If anyone has had a similar experience i would love to hear about it. Leave a comment in the Facebook page below.

Northern Ireland Ghost Stories.

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