Dundonald Ghost Story

I never thought i would be writing this but here goes, my Dundonald Ghost Story.
I grew up in Dundonald old mill area and there is a forest near it. When we were kids we would go up and play in the forest and from time to time we would see a woman who seemed to be glowing white  in a nurses uniform. When she would appear the forest would go silent no birds noises or no sound of the wind blowing in the trees. My dad would still walk his dog in the forest and recently saw a tyre swing swinging when their was no kids around or wind in the forest. I know theirs an old closed down old peoples home a few fields away from it maybe where she came from.
There is also a place in forest we called the dead mans ring, five fully grown trees in a circle with big boulders joining them. Aparently devil worshippers used it years ago dont know if its true or not but the forest can give you a realy bad creepy feeling at times.
Does anyone else know any stories about the Dundonald area?
Photo Credit – http://pichost.me/1912959/
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