This happened to my wife (then girlfriend) and I in her wee terrace house on the Stramore Road in Gilford Co. Down. We both went to bed on a random Tuesday/Wednesday night. The room was on the first floor of her two up two down terrace house, which to my understanding were built for the workers of Gilford Mill, long since closed, the house was well 100 years old. Anyway, we went to bed and I woke up at 2 in the morning after hearing what sounded like a small girl crying in the room below (living room) it was a muffled sound, not a cat or anything, then a women’s voice tending to the girl consoling her, this went on for 3-5 mins, I woke my girlfriend and she thought she heard something, but was that sleepy she told me to go back to sleep.

3-4 weeks later I woke up again to hear the same noises, this time I woke my girlfriend up so she was awake and could listen properly which she did and confirmed she heard the exact same conversion, crying that I heard, again lasting 5 mins or so. Now I’m sure anyone who reads this will say old terrace house, thin walls, was someone next door with kids, but this wasn’t the case. Next door to the right of the house lifted a man and women with two teenage sons, 18 and 16, the other side lived a couple in their late 40’s no children so no grand children. Strange how the voices and conversations sounded near identical lasting the same amount of time and 3-4 weeks apart to the day. Old houses I think record some how noises and sounds even recordings of time, don’t believe in spirits of people being trapped, not to get religious on here, but certainly in my view in certain locations or old building some how events can be “recorded” over long periods of time.

Another story from that particular road, Stramore road Gilford, is from a work mate who seen an old women in very period dress walking down the road at 3-4 am one morning he was working late was returning home the person with him in his car also seen this, they both thought it strange due to her clothes, age and the time of morning she was out. Anybody on here from Gilford will know this area and street in particular is very old with a lot of history from the workers of Gilford Mill and other businesses over the last 200 years, anyone any other stories?


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