The Story

“Have to tell you all about my experience 20 years ago! My husband and I were driving home from Bangor to Belfast along the road past ‘The George (now the Clandeboye Lodge)’. It was around midnight and was a dark February evening. As we drove through the small bridge we both noticed someone standing on the grass verge. Because it was such a dark night we only caught a brief glimpse of this man. He was wearing a black cloak, black trousers tucked into black boots which came up to his knees. We could only see him from the waist down and the bottom of the cloak was blowing in the wind. We both presumed there had been a fancy dress party or something like that on in the George and that this person was walking home and had stepped back off the road until our car passed. It seemed a bit odd at the time but wasnt something that either of us thought anything more about. About ten years later a couple of girls in work were telling each other ghost stories. One of them who lived in Bangor said she had heard there was a ‘highwayman’ that haunted the road past the George and that he stood at the bridge and that this was where he had been hung. I could never in a million years explain the feeling that I had after hearing this!! I had never thought of it being a spooky experience at all as when we saw him he was very real looking, not ghostly. I tried many times to try and find out more about this and have searched the internet and never really found anything about this story. I did phone Clandeboye Estate and they did confirm that it was a true story and that the highwayman was regularly seen beside the bridge where he had been hung for robbery! Would be really keen to hear from anyone else who knows anything about this.”

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