Haunted Bed

My daughter was around 10 and my son was 12 and when i bought a bed from an old shop called Swag near the AbbeyCentre in Belfast   Once the bed was in my daughter’s room she started seeing a man in black walking through our house and my son also seen a man in black standing at his bedroom door one night. Not long after these incidents my daughter was playing in her room when her light turned off and the door slammed. She shouted, “mummy” and when i arrived she lying on the ground curled up in a ball in floods of tears. My father came round to look at the bed and said, “if anything is in the house the dog will sense it”. We walked downstairs and to my horror the dog was lying lifeless on the ground with blood coming from its mouth. Our dog was fit and healthy and its death on that day was completely unexplainable.
We got rid of the bed due to all the strange occurrences and my father gave it to his friend who was a devout Christian. Once she got the bed setup her usually quiet dog wouldn’t stop barking and wouldn’t go anywhere near the room that the bed was in. She said to my father she had to pray and pray hard to get it to leave, still to this day we don’t know what ‘it’ was…
Haunted Bed
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