Around a month ago we published a story about the alley way in Holywood High Street and a reported sighting of a woman in white. Well, since that story we have had at least ten other stories about Holywood High Street which we will publish over the next few weeks. One of the stories stuck out so we have published it below…

“Hi, i read your report of Holywood High Street and the woman in white who was spotted in the alley. I thought i would share with you a a strange incident that i saw a few years ago as i think it could be linked. I have lived in Holywood for 35 years, its a great small town and everyone is so friendly. The incident i will tell you about still sent a shiver up my spine, it only happened a few years ago but it has had a huge impact on my life. I was driving to work and i was passing Ballymenoch Park just outside Holywood. I noticed there was a woman wearing an old fashioned white dress standing in the park, i couldn’t take my eyes off her and as i looked at her I caught her glance. As she looked at me i noticed her eyes were the bluest colour i have ever seen and this made me feel really uneasy. I couldn’t take my eyes of this lady and I slowed the car down and was almost at a stand still. As i kept looking at her she turned her back and walked about 3 steps then completely vanished. I felt a real chill, that feeling where you get a shiver down your spine.

I sped up my car and continued my journey into work, as i got past Palace Barracks i watched in horror as a car from the left lane swerved into the right lane taking 3 cars completely out. I braked and was lucky to avoid the incident. I then got to thinking, if i hadn’t of slowed down for that lady i had seen in Ballymenoch park then i could have been involved in the horrendous crash.

I couldn’t get the lady in the park out of my mind so I decided to see a fortune teller for the first time in my life that weekend and the fortune teller told me that i have a guardian angel who is my great grandmother Elizabeth. Elizabeth told the fortune teller to tell me that she would be always watching over me and that i didn’t need to be scared. I rang my mum and asked did she have any photos of Elizabeth, she dug some out and sent me them, undoubtedly the woman i seen in the park was Elizabeth. I went from having an uneasy feeling about this sighting to a feeling of serenity once i knew it was my great grandmother.”

Has anyone else had an experience with guardian angels?


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