When we were kids (well 16 year olds) we used to buy cider at the off licence in Portrush and drink it near Barry’s Amusements in Portrush. I’m sure many 16 year olds  have done the same thing but for some reason my friends and i felt we were really privileged as we had found a great spot to drink between Barry’s and public the car park of the West Strand beach.

We had been drinking at this spot for a few months and the only thing we had to worry about was if the police were in the vicinity, we usually had someone on watch to keep an eye out for torches in the distance. One evening in the winter I arrived late and my friends were well on their way to getting drunk. I decided to walk up to the town to buy some booze. As i walked past Barrys it was about 8.30, i noticed a lady looking out towards the sea. She was wearing a long coat with a hood that covered her face and a dress that went down to her ankles that blew in the wind. I didn’t pay much attention to her and continued on to the off licence. After i purchased my bottle of cider I was walking back, i noticed the lady was still in exactly the same position. I glanced over to see where she was looking and noticed that the lady didn’t have a face. I don’t know how else to describe it but i could make out white hair under the hood but no mouth, nose or eyes. I was terrified and quickly ran back to my friends and told them what happened. One of them told me that his dad used to tell him a ghost story of a widow from Portrush that lost her husband at sea and stares out waiting for him to return. This sent shivers down my spine. To this day i cannot explain what i  saw but hopefully someone can tell me if they have seen something similar.


If anyone know any other Portrush ghost stories then please send them in.


Photo credit – Copyright Kenneth Allen – http://www.geograph.ie/photo/3099068


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