Queens University Ghost – I attended Queen’s University in the late 1990s and loved my experience there but there is one lasting memory i won’t forget. I was studying for my end of year exams at the library when i saw something that would change my life forever. My friend Jane and had went to the library to study one Friday tea time. We were talking about people on our course and nights out we had planned when our exams finished, basically talking about anything to take our mind of our exams. Jane decided she had done enough revising for one night and decided to go and meet her boyfriend in the student union. Due to my lack of studying i felt like i should stay on for a bit. As i sat there i noticed there was only me in the library, I had never been alone in the library before so this felt very odd.  After aimlessly starring at a book for 20 minutes i decided to make a move and finish for the night.

As i went to put my reference book back i noticed an elderly gentleman walking through the library, he was about 80 wearing an old fashioned suit and carrying a briefcase by his side. Something didn’t feel right about this man and for some reason i couldn’t take my eyes off him, it was like i was hypnotised. As i watched he walked towards the door leading to the stairs. I was curious what he was doing in the library and  as i watched I  couldn’t believe what i was seeing, the man walked straight through the wall beside the door to the stairs . I was stunned, there was no way possible he could just walk through a wall. I quickly got out of the library and have not until now told anyone about this story. I would love to hear from any other students if they have seen the Queens University ghost.

Quuens University Belfast Photo Credit – http://belfasttrust-cancerservices.hscni.net/News.htm

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