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Has anyone ever seen a ghost in Belfast? This story is set near Castlecourt…..

The Ghost of Smithfield Market
“Biddy Farrelly, otherwise known as the ghost of Smithfield Market, is said to haunt the area around Gresham Street, directly behind CastleCourt Shopping Centre. Rumour has it that Biddy was an ex-lover of Luke White, a successful businessman who owned a bookstall in the market. After he moved to Dublin to find fame and fortune, Biddy pined for her former flame, turning to drink to help her forget her woes. When Luke died, he is said to have left some money to his old girlfriend which Biddy promptly used to drink herself to death, believing she would join her true love in Heaven. Unfortunately for Biddy, it didn’t work out as planned and her ghost still walks around the market, searching for her first, and only, love…. “

from Haunted Belfast website.

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