The Snowman

This isn’t something that happened to me but to my dad and his mates i always thought it was just a ghost story he made up to spook us but him and his mates all swear it to be true.
So it all happened about 40 years ago when my dad was a teenager him and a couple of his friends used to go and play badminton at the local church hall every Friday evening. We live in a rural part of Fermanagh on a small back road that used to be part of a big stately home, there’s a maze of little roads and lanes which all seem to connect somewhere.

The route my dad and his mates always took was down to the end of the road over the bridge and up the old mill lane, which brings you opposite the church hall. One evening in the depths of winter they set off to badminton on Friday at around 7 o’clock so it was already dark and had snowed heavily. There was a good 1-2 inches of lying snow, which completely covered the ground.  My dad and his friends made it over the bridge and through the gates to the old mill, which had an old derelict water powered flourmill.

They had just passed the flourmill when the saw a man standing at the side of the lane wearing a long grey woollen coat grey trousers and a grey trilby style hat. My dad said that he just looked like a man maybe in his 50s or 60s but something about him seemed very strange. My dad and his friends all said “hello,” as they passed him but he just stared blankly at them and didn’t speak or move.

They played their game of badminton and thought nothing more of it until the where coming back down the lane the same way they had arrived earlier. It was then that they noticed something very strange, there where no other footprints on the lane other than their own which where clear on the way up and down the lane no one else had been there. There was no other way the man could have gone without leaving some trace .

My dad has often brought us up the lane and told us the story and shown us where it had happened and says that he believes the man was a ghost. We’ve spoken to a few other people about that area and there have been other reported strange sightings.

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