” I live near Wallace Park in Lisburn and feel I have to share my story after I have recently saw some very strange things. I’ve never believed in ghosts until I seen this thing. I was looking out my bedroom window one night and our security light came on and I saw a man in a hooded robe looking back at me. I called my husband and by the time he got into the room the man had disappeared. We were tempted to call the police as our first thought was this strangely dressed man was looking to burgle our house. A few weeks passed and I forgot about this man until one morning I was getting up for work and I opened the bedroom curtains. There was this man again in our garden though this time I noticed that he didn’t seem to have a head. I screamed and woke up my husband, he jumped up and seen this thing too. I am terrified of setting foot in our garden now and even our dog won’t got out into it. I don’t know what to do we’ve even talked about moving house.”


Phot0 Credit – Glenn Quigley

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