Harland and Wolff – Titanic Ghost Story

Titanic Ghost Story We were sent this story by local author Lily Rooney, her grand father used to tell this story when she was a child. She retells the story of the Titanic Ghost Story – 1910 and Robert Hill works lonely nights on slipway number two at Harland and Wolff shipyard. He’s there to […]

Death Apparition

Death Apparition The first incident happened 6 years ago when I 12 in my home in Carrickfergus. I remember coming home on Christmas day from my grandparents and myself and my brother were staying up messing around and playing with our new gadgets and toys.. we ended up staying up rather late, as we’re both […]

Belfast Call Centre

Belfast Call Centre After becoming disabled and well chair dependent I got a job in a well know Belfast call centre that employes a large amount of staff ( I don’t want to mention the company’s name as i might lose my job). Working late one evening I needed to use toilet. As i went down […]


Afterlife I grew up in the Newtownabbey area. I have always been able to see dead family members in my house, since a very young age I would describe them to my parents in their clothes and how they looked, and they would turn out to be old grandparents that I hardly knew because they passed […]

The Protector

Northern Ireland Ghost Stories The Protector My father, a Carrickfergus man, was a Royal Navy officer during WW2 and one day he and several companions were sitting in the Ward Room discussing what they would do when the war ended. He said it was a fruitless discussion since nobody knew when it would end or […]

Antrim Road Ghost

Antrim Road Ghost This is a story from the Antrim Road area, North Belfast. I was a little girl my best friend and I use to follow our brother’s and their friends around a lot. They use to go in to this old bricked up house at the end of the street which u could […]

Ballygally Ghost

Ballygally ghost A few years back a friend and I were taking a drive along the coast road from Larne towards Ballygally, we’ve driven this road many times and the scenery is breath taking . It was early evening and still good light around, we were talking away about work etc, when we were approaching […]

A Belfast Ghost Story

It was a beautiful summer’s evening, West Belfast, 1986.  We lived in a street close to the Falls Park. From our house you could see the playing fields and pathways, the Black mountain in the distance. The sun was still high in the sky and still bright enough to illuminate our bedroom through the closed curtains. In […]

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