Crawfordsburn Ghost

Crawfordsburn Ghost After the huge interest we had in the Crawfordsburn ghost sighting ( ) we asked our readers to share any stories about Crawfordsburn Country Park with us. This one stood out. My sister, Joanne recently bought an apartment beside Crawfordsburn Country Park, she had came into some money after her husband passed away and always […]

Belfast Call Centre

Belfast Call Centre After becoming disabled and well chair dependent I got a job in a well know Belfast call centre that employes a large amount of staff ( I don’t want to mention the company’s name as i might lose my job). Working late one evening I needed to use toilet. As i went down […]

Dundonald Ghost Story

Dundonald Ghost Story I never thought i would be writing this but here goes, my Dundonald Ghost Story. I grew up in Dundonald old mill area and there is a forest near it. When we were kids we would go up and play in the forest and from time to time we would see a woman […]

Holywood Ghost

Holywood Ghost We used to own one of the Georgian Terraces on Shore Road in Holywood. Many a night I would be working late in the workshop downstairs (the front rooms were all open-planned) when out of the corner of my eye there would be a dark shadow passing by the inside of the windows […]


Crawfordsburn Last week I was walking my dog in Crawfordsburn Country Park, it was starting to get dark but it was a nice day so i decided to walk up to the waterfall. There wasn’t anyone else around so i let Missy (my 3 year old border collie) of the lead. Missy ran ahead and […]

Holywood Guardian Angel

Around a month ago we published a story about the alley way in Holywood High Street and a reported sighting of a woman in white. Well, since that story we have had at least ten other stories about Holywood High Street which we will publish over the next few weeks. One of the stories stuck […]

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